My Philosophy
     As a childcare professional, my philosophy is that my duty is to provide a safe, nurturing & fun environment in which children may feel comfortable to explore, be creative and grow.  In addition to facilitating a child's education, I believe it is essential to help the "whole" child learn to understand and react in a positive and healthy way to his or her emotions, as well as focus on social skills such as:  kindness, sharing, caring & taking turns.  This helps to promote the overall health and wellness of each child; which includes physical activities, healthy eating and good hygiene.  I help focus on the physical, cognitive as well as social & emotional aspects of a child.  Childhood is an excellent time for introducing diversity and cultural awareness, promoting self-confidence, decision-making, problem solving and self-help skills in a supportive environment; which gives children a foundation to build on.  It is also essential to the future of our children, to instill a sense of environmental awareness & a love for our world, ourselves & others. I will instill my philosophy as I care for your child, whether it be a few hours or multiple days.
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