Where do I begin… Elysha was a shot in the dark. We recently bought a home in Healdsburg which we frequent once a month. For the first few months, we spent weekends trying out different babysitters and we found a few we liked. When we found Elysha, we were converts. We honestly dropped all other help and continue to stick with Elysha as many hours as possible. I often call her a mobile preschool. She comes with her own tarp, holiday themed crafts, and is always cheerfully dressed head to toe. One afternoon I noticed she had 4-5 different St. Patrick's day activities for the kids. All intricate, thoughtful, and fun for both my 3 and 5 year old. That same day, before we arrived at the house, she had hidden gold coins for them to seek. Talk about over the top. She truly keeps the children entertained! Elysha is thoughtful, cheerful, always calm and controlled, diligent, and often gets extra credit by staying past her time, demanding no extra money, just so she can finish cleaning the kitchen. She is a rare find. When you hire Elysha you are not hiring a woman who likes kids and needs money to support an education in another field…she is a true professional caregiver. Professional through and through. We are so so happy to have found Elysha!
-by Michell

This past weekend my friends booked Elysha to come to their wedding site at Healsburg to take care of 4 toddlers at the wedding venue...Elysha contacted us through email in advance, had us fill up a questionnaire about detail routine of our child, which turned out to be very helpful. On the day of the wedding, we dropped our child off at the room they set up, Elysha and her assistant immediately knew our child's name, what he likes to do, his schedule, and what needs to be done to calm him and put him to bed without any explanation. They brought a lot of toys and played with my 2 year old as soon as he got there so he did not cry at all when we left him. My husband and I had a great night at the reception knowing two experienced and caring nannies are taking care of our child, playing with him, feeding him the food we brought and putting him to bed the way we always do. We stopped by the nanny room several times during dinner to see if our child was doing okay, and we could see from the door that he was treated very well, playing toys at first, then was fed and a story was read to him while he was held and gently rocked, and when we picked him up, all four toddlers were sleeping peacefully in their own bed. l highly recommend Best of the Bunch Childcare to anyone who need on-site nanny. I feel I can totally trust them and know my child gets the best care while my husband and I leave him with Elysha and her assistant. 
-Charlotte L.

A Total Pro and a Pleasure to Work With...We had Elysha look after our 15 month old daughter while my wife and I attended a wedding in Healdsburg, CA.  As most parents would be, we were apprehensive about leaving our child with someone we just met online.  Elysha quickly put our nerves to rest.  She was sweet, attentive, caring, asked all the right questions and an all around professional.  She sent us updates throughout the evening and was extremely quick to respond to our inquiries.  Our daughter was extremely well cared for while mommy and daddy got to enjoy a much needed evening out.  If we are ever in the Healdsburg/Windsor area again and need someone to look after our children, we will most certainly be calling Elysha for her services.                                                        -by Douglas F.      

Elysha has worked for us as a full-time nanny for the past 5 years...She joined us when our youngest son was 2, and our elder son 9.  During her tenure she has been instrumental in providing our 2 sons with stability, and intellectual stimulation.  She utilized her extensive experience with pre-school teaching to ready our youngest for school - and it is a credit to her that he entered kindergarten already reading and starting basic math.  During her employment she has also had to devise strategies and disciplinary measures in dealing with our older child who has some behavioral issues.   I can recommend Elysha for employment working with children without reservation.  Whether as a nanny in a private home or in a school setting she brings considerable skills and experience to her job. 
-Natasha K, MD

OMG! What can I say?...Elysha is amazing!! We were so nervous leaving our 2 yo son alone w/ a babysitter while on vacation for a wedding in Healdsburg, but we hired Elysha and from the moment we spoke on the phone she eased my worries!! She showed up to our hotel room with 3 bags of activities in hand and my son immediately felt at ease with her. We left after a few minutes and my son was totally fine. She started sending us photos and texts almost immediately to ease my worried mind and I LOVED that!! Seeing my baby smiling and coloring and playing instruments totally helped me relax and enjoy the event. She is amazing and so good at what she does. Fantastic energy. So laid back and super professional. Her prices are also very reasonable. I just wish she lived closer to LA so I could use her all the time!!! Oh well guess we'll have to vacation in Wine Country a little more to take advantage of her awesome services. :-) I highly recommend her!!! 
-Cynthia D.

Highly recommend Elysha!...We traveled from NY for a wedding in Sonoma County and were very nervous about hiring someone we didn't know or was recommended. My 16 month old son has only been cared for by family and a sitter we've used since he was 8 weeks. When we left for the rehearsal dinner the first night he barely noticed I was leaving because Elysha came with bags of interesting toys and musical instruments. She texted us pictures of a smiling happy boy which put us at ease. The next night for the wedding he smiled at her when got to our hotel room. Kids are so intuitive and it was clear that he felt very safe and comfortable being with her. Again Elysha updated us with pics and texts. Very punctual and asked all the right questions. We would definitely use her again and were recommending her to everyone at the wedding! Thanks again Elysha!

Elysha is a top-quality caregiver...From the parents point of view, she is responsible, on-time, and asks important questions about each childs' needs. From the kid's point of view, she is FUN, FUN, FUN! Our two daughters, ages 3 and 9, love when Elysha comes to our house because they have a blast. She is full of positive energy and truly engages the children with crafts, games and play. Elysha is an excellent choice to care for your children. 
-Jody and Gary L.

We are the parents of the 9 month old, Elysha wrote about (her very first babysitting job)...No, we are not crazy to leave  our child with a 9 year old.  We knew Elysha  and her family and trusted her with our first born child.  She was an amazing young child.  She would visit and spend time with us and knew she would love and care for our child.  As time went on, we had four children and Elysha was part of our family for years.  She loved and babysat our children with all her heart.  She took family vacations with us and was part of our family.  As we grow older and might have grandchildren some day.   Elysha will be the first person I call to care for them.  Elysha is the most caring and wonderful person I can imagine  to watch a child.  She is creative and has the most positive attitude and love toward children.  Just for your information, the 9 month old is now a 28 year old who also has the passion for helping and believing our children are our future. 
-Tim & Vicki B.

Elysha is the best babysitter I had ever had...Elysha babysat me for years growing up, she was my neighbor growing up my whole life and probably babysat me at least twice a month growing up. She is the best babysitter I have ever had. I remember I used to not stand when my parents came home for the night because then I knew it was time for her to leave and I never wanted that. She babysat me for about twelve years straight and helped me mold the person that I am today. And I know when I have kids she will be the only one I will call to look after my kids. She really knows what she is doing and does it with a loving, caring and passionate way because she cares that much. 
-Colin B. (son of Tim & Vicki B.)

Sitter Review...We have known Elysha for about 9 months now and she has helped out with our baby since he was 3 months old.  She is quite knowledgeable, experienced and skilled at infant care and beyond, and among all the helpers we have used she is by far our most trusted.  I know that even if our baby is having a fussy day Elysha provided excellent care and TLC.  She is loving and enthusiastic, and our son seems happy when she arrives and leaves.  As a preschool teacher, I know she understands different developmental stages and seems eager to help him learn and grow as a little person.  She is reliable, responsible and communicative.  She asks for clarification so that she makes sure she does a job well done.  I would highly recommend her as a nanny!  Her care and detail oriented services are top notch.
-by Kat M.      

Elysha was our nanny, when our baby was only 3 weeks old...This was a challenging position for anyone to deal with.  Although my wife and I are older parents, we were on unfamiliar ground with most aspects of infant care.  Also, my wife soon developed a severe case of postpartum depression, making our need for help that much more dire.  We were awe struck by Elysha from the first moment we met her.  She had an exuberance and confidence that greatly impressed us.  There was no need to interview anyone else.  We have never made a more fortuitous decision.  From the first day on, Elysha brought skill, enthusiasm and loving care to the job.  She inspired trust so immediately that we were comfortable with her taking our son on walks from the first day onward.  Elysha always showed adaptability with our newly learned (and constantly changing) child raising styles, yet could also give sagacious advice if asked.  This is something we did a lot of early on; if Elysha didn’t have an answer that felt suitable to her, she did research on her own time to help us out.  With doctor appointments, school holidays (I’m a teacher) and the like, there have been lots of schedule changes that came up for us.  Elysha has been incredibly accommodating with the variations that came up.  Her flexibility remains on par with her promptness and her generosity of heart.  Without hesitation we recommend her for any position working with children! 
-Randy S. & Maeve O.

I loved having Elysha as my babysitter...I remember her warm smile and contagious positive energy well - it had an enormous impact on me growing up. My younger brother and I were very busy little kids, always running around to a million different activities, and Elysha was never overwhelmed by my family's action-packed lifestyle. Her composure and encouragement reduced stress in our household and made me more excited about going to my violin lessons, soccer practices, etc. She really helped us develop our interests (singing songs with me and supporting me when I practiced the violin). Perhaps most amazingly, she kept the peace between my brother and me! It was a special treat when we got to go with her to the swimming pool in San Rafael on the weekend. Now I am 25 years old, in graduate school, still playing the violin, and still grateful to Elysha for giving me such a wonderful childhood experience. I am truly lucky to have had her in my young life!
-Justine L.

We are so blessed to have found Elysha...She watches our 2 year old on a regular basis now for several months. She immediately was able to make a connection with him, letting him lead as she lovingly followed him with such interest and wonder. She is particularly creative bringing new toys and art/craft supplies, allowing interest to emerge from him and then building activities that meet his focus. I trust her in all ways with our little guy and adore watching how much she shines her love on him. She takes pictures and saves their creations to share with us. I hope we have her in our loves for many years to come. 
-Alison W.

Elysha helped take care of my three boys when we first moved to Santa Rosa, CA...Punctual and professional, nurturing and supportive, we were in capable hands. My boys all loved spending time with Elysha and enjoyed the many art projects she created and the day trips she organized. She effectively engaged with three very different personalities. I would always come home to happy children who knew they were safe and loved, and who had a good time with their nanny. Elysha is a wonderful childcare provider in every way. I highly recommend her.
-Carolyn M.

I have known Elysha since I was a little girl, I am now 18 and heading off to college... Elysha was always an amazing, loving, creative, and kind babysitter to me and my sister. We are now family friends and see each other as much as we can. She is an amazing human being and a natural teacher. I feel so honored to have grown up with her guiding me and being such a lighthearted and fun role model in my life. My family loves her like another daughter. I hope that people everywhere get to experience how awesome she is and I hope that she will continue to be such a good example for the children she takes care of throughout the future. Elysha, I am so proud that you are doing so well in life and I love you so much. I hope other kids get to be influenced by you, because your happiness and joy in life has influenced me so much. Please do not hesitate to hire Elysha, she is someone that you will never forget because she is an amazing nanny and natural teacher. 
-Simone T

I had the opportunity to work with Elysha at a 4c's site, Windsor State Preschool...I have worked in this field for 15 years and can assert that she is a valuable and competent teacher.  It is evident in her strong work ethic that she values her role as an early educator.  She enhances the children's learning by providing positive experiences with her interactions emphasizing on language development and thoughtful and creative curriculum planning to add to the classroom environment.  I have seen her establish positive relationships with families by initiating and engaging in open dialogue and problem solving to address child behaviors and issues.  As the (afternoon) head teacher, it has been a valuable experience to work with Elysha (the morning head teacher) as a co-teacher to share, exchange, and learn new ideas and teaching techniques. 
-Martha P.

Elysha has been taking care of our son and another little boy every Friday for the past three months...Our son is now 14 months and the other boy is almost two. Elysha is wonderful. She's full of energy and imagination and is always engaging the boys in some new activity. Throughout the day we receive text messages and photos of all the fun they're having. It's very reassuring. When we pick up our son at the end of the day, he always wants to stay with Elysha and play a little longer. He absolutely LOVES her! 
-Beth & Ed

Elysha is the best nanny you could ever ask for.... She was with my family for 5 years, from when I was 9 to 14. One of her MANY specialties is letting the kids she takes care of have a great time and have fun, but still be in a safe environment where the parents don't have to worry about a thing while they're away from their kids! My brother and I (who was 2 when she first started working) had so many awesome times with her that I will remember for the rest of my life. Also, I can guarantee that your child will never be bored when he/she is with Elysha and she knows how to discipline kids in a very good and experienced way if they are not behaving. If you hire Elysha to take care of your child I guarantee you will not be disappointed!! 
-Matt S.

Elysha was a nanny to our twins several years ago...I can't say enough about how loving and wonderful she was with them. It was always a comfort to know that our children were being so well cared for while we were at work. Elysha is a total ace and comes highly recommended!     
-Louie F.

I have known Elysha for my entire life and as a wonderful family friend, babysitter, and soccer coach she has always been caring and compassionate in everything she does... Her charisma is warm and inviting and she has always been a person I have looked up to. As my soccer coach (when I was 11) she taught me the wonders of competitive sports and in doing so I learned about teamwork and what it meant to be part of a team. As the head coach, Elysha was a great leader and role model and made me really enjoy playing soccer. She is very creative and always has great ideas regarding crafts, games, teaching techniques, and other activities. I have participated in many of her fun ideas and have cherished every moment! I am now 29 & throughout these years, I have witnessed Elysha’s involvement in caring for many children and seen how important each child/family has become in her life. She dedicates so much of herself to her work and to the kids and as someone who has gained so much from her, I highly recommend her to any family who is considering hiring her. 
-Kristina T.

I had the pleasure of working with Elysha in a preschool environment...Not only is Elysha fun loving, nurturing, and creative, she is a professional. She truly knows her child development and knows how to assess and attend to the unique needs of each child. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her!
-Paula S. - Preschool Site Director

Elysha was my babysitter for more than 5 years I want to say... And she was great! She once took my sister and I to her house and we played dress up. I still have the picture to this day of my sister and I in oversized dresses and large hats carrying Elysha 's purses we had stolen from her closet. My grandmother loved Elysha because she always knew what to do with us to have fun and use our imaginations. I have loved staying in contact with her now that I am older. Elysha will do awesome with your children I can't think of a more fun and loving person I would have rather had to babysit me:) 
-Baylor A.    

I am writing to express my overwhelming approval of Elysha...She cared for my daughter for six months, starting when she was only three months old.  Save our mothers, Elysha was the only person we would trust with our baby.  We were very sad to lose her, and we tried very hard to keep her as our nanny.  Elysha was always very warm and affectionate with our daughter.
-Erick G. 

Elysha has always been very good with my daughter, Kristina...Elysha tried to instill good character building traits into all the children.  She would make them think about being fair & honest.  She taught them to always do their best.  Elysha is a terrific babysitter.  She was also my daughter’s soccer coach.  All the children liked being with her.  My daughter felt safe when she was with her.  The other parents & I think she did a great job with the children.  Keeping a large group of girls happy and working together as a team is no easy task.  So I know she has the skills to look after more than one child at a time.  Elysha is extremely responsible and can take care of children very well.  She is delightful & hard working.  
-Paula C.

Elysha was the first ever childcare provider I used when I was a new mom... I was so nervous leaving my precious baby in her care, but soon learned she was totally caring and reliable. (I have now known her for 25 years.) You couldn't be luckier than to be able visit lovely Sonoma County and to have Elysha provide loving and fun care for your children!
-Grace H.  

Elysha has worked with us for the past 7 months...She is energetic, warm, trustworthy and very reliable. Our 4 year old son adores her. We are very impressed with her ability to be both fun and engaging while at the same time offering a consistent schedule and appropriate limits that a preschool aged child needs. I highly recommend Elysha. She is an excellent child care provider.
-Jill M.

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